The 2022 lights have now finished!

Another successful (yet eventful) year, with most of the lights running successfully until the 28th. Pictures for the 2022 decorations will be uploaded in due course. The total cost for the electricity for the month came to £48.47, which considering the increase in electric rates and the additional lights / heater for the reindeer is better than expected. Many thanks to everyone who passed on their compliments, I hope that the lights brought happiness to the end of 2022 for you.

As always there are multiple lessons learned from the year:

  • Pipe glue doesn't fix candy-canes
  • Ultrasonic sensors don’t always work as expected, no matter the cost
  • Screws come loose, no matter how hard you try
  • Inflatables like to move (even when strapped/tied down)
  • Drainage holes are a good idea, especially for flat train tracks
  • Train tracks will always need grease
  • Inflatable snow-globes freeze
  • Dancing reindeer go on strike (multiple times), and finally break for good
  • High wind and decorations don’t play nice, and some will snap

Feel free to view the gallery above to see the pictures of the decorations and the train construction, and watch the videos below. The train cam shows the view of the train moving at night past the decorations.

Remember to press 'f' or click bottom-right to full-screen.

Xmas Decorations 2022