The well was designed in January 2019 to provide a stand-out feature in the front garden that would be visible from a distance while being unobtrusive. After multiple designs a final proof was sent to a landscaper for their view on the construction of it.

Work began in March 2019, with the concrete base being created to handle the overall structure. With the height of the well and the wind-speed of the area the base was created extra-deep to ensure it could cope with the expected forces.


With the concrete base completed the two uprights and roof frame were constructed and fitted. The spindle and rope were also fitted, as were the wooden slats for the roof. The bolts used to anchor the uprights go down over 20cm and are toughened to take the expected forces.


For added strength an inner brick wall was created, being two bricks thick and wrapping around the uprights. This adds additional strength to the roof, over what the metal mounts shown earlier provide. The brick base was covered and allowed to dry to ensure a strong finish.


The outer brick wall is added, as is the slate top around the hole. The slate tiles are also added along with the wooden trims, with only the handle and the lid missing at this point.


The well is finally completed, featuring the feature brick wall and matching ring, the metal-plated lid, and the wooden handle. The slate roof will start to change colour over time (as moss starts to take on it), and the bricks will darken slightly, leaving it looking like a traditional garden well.



2019-01  Designs started
2019-03  Final design chosen
2019-04  Work begins
2019-05  Work completed
2020-01  Damaged by teenagers
2020-04  Repainted for better colour
2020-12  Decorated for the Xmas 2020 lights